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Why is Spain so incredibly popular?

First of all, Spain is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Spain is both different and special. Lovely weather is always going to make this sunniest part of Europe attractive. Not least, the Spanish are open, passionate warm and fun loving.

Why invest in Spain just now?

Since 2007, property prices in Spain have plummeted by 47.1%. During the first three quarters of 2015, has been a rising trend in property prices, especially in the southern Spain. We expect a much faster growing trend in the last quarter of 2015. Click here for our real estate listings

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RealEstate in Malage  was founded in 2015 by Brenda Buskens after many years experience in the Spanish property market.

Brenda is a passionate property experts, who understand that buying and selling property in Spain is an emotional experience, as important in many ways as the other great milestones of life.

As a potential buyer -one you have completed the questionnair- you will receive an automatic email with details of the property which meet your requirements, the same day the property come onto the market. Our aim is to make it fast and easy for you to find your Spanish dream home.

I can give you a quick response because of the large referral network, resulting in an ongoing source of buyers. It’s a fact that both sellers and buyers want to work with a known and reputable entity. As a result of my continuing success, the Real Estate in Malaga is recognised by agents, buyers, and sellers as a leader in Spain real estate. Our reputation as real estate experts gives you, as potential buyer, much more credibility.